What You Need to Know Before Watching Detective Conan Movie 27: “The Million-dollar Pentagram”


This article provides you with the information you need before watching “Detective Conan 27: The Million-dollar Pentagram.”

*There are no spoilers in this article.

Would I enjoy watching Detective Conan Movie 27 as a new viewer of the series?

Yes, you can enjoy this movie because of its original story and great action.
However, the film does a good job of foreshadowing the original story, so if you have time, check out the anime or the manga.

For those with little time to prepare → Check out the stories marked with ★★★ in the list below.

For those who want to prepare well → Check out the stories marked with ★★ in the list below.

I don’t have time to watch the anime, so tell me what I need to know!

It’s easier to understand the story if you know the characters.
Please check the character relationship map.


【All Must Read!】 Character Relationship Map

There are many characters in “The Million-dollar Pentagram.”
Before watching the movie, you should know the relationships between the characters so that you can concentrate on the story.

*Excluding characters original to the movie.

*”Magic Kaito” and “YAIBA” are manga by Gosho Aoyama, the author of “Case closed(Detective Conan)”. Some characters are taken from these two works.

Important Information You Need to Know

Harley (Heiji) and Kazuha’s Romance

  • Harley wants to declare his love to Kazuha.
  • Ooka Momiji, a young lady from Kyoto, loves Harley.

About Kid the Phantom Thief and His Father

  • The Phantom Thief Kid is a high school student, Kaito Kuroba.
  • He succeeded his father as Kid the Phantom Thief.
  • His father, Toichi Kuroba, is missing.

List of Stories to Watch

This is a list of the anime and manga related to the movie. Please check out the episodes with the most ★ marks first.

*In addition to “Case closed(Detective Conan)”, there are also episodes of Gosho Aoyama’s works “Magic Kaito” and “YAIBA.”


Some episodes are not yet available in the English comics.
Please check the plots at the links.

  • Animation Episode 916-917/ Int. Episode 971-972 (comics Vol. 93-94) The Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery plot
  • Episode 927-928/ Int. Episode 982-983 (Vol. 94-95) The Scarlet School Tripplot
  • Episode 983-984 / Int. Episode 1040-1041(Vol. 96) Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips plot
  • “Magic Kaito 1412” Episode 1, 23-24
  • Conan Movie 21: “The Crimson Love Letter”


  • Episode 144-145 / Int. Episode 154-155 (Vol. 22) The North Star No.3 Express Leaving Ueno
  • Episode 472-473 / Int. Episode 512-513 (Vol. 55) Shinichi Kudo’s Childhood Adventure
  • Episode 616-621 / Int. Episode 667-672 (Vol. 71-72) Holmes’Revelation
  • “YAIBA” Vol. 24
Are there two anime, “Magic Kaito” and “Magic Kaito 1412”? Which one should I watch?

Some of the episodes listed are not in “Magic Kaito,” so “Magic Kaito 1412” is recommended.


It will be much easier to understand “The Million-dollar Pentagram” if you know the relationships between the characters.
Please check out the character relationship map.
If you can prepare, I recommend you start with the ★★★ episodes on the list and work your way down.

Thank you for reading!

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